FFF: Bloody Hell
USA, 2020 | Dauer: 95min | FSK: 18 | Regie: Alister Grierson Darsteller: Ben O'Toole, Meg Fraser, Caroline Craig

Rex only wanted to finally play the hero, but somehow that brought him eight years in prison. After detention, he only wants to get away from the US as far as possible, which hates and celebrates him at the same time. So why not go to Finland? A pretty stupid idea, as Rex will find out in an extremely painful way. BLOODY HELL is one of those divine gore comedies hurling out its absurd turns and punchlines at a tireless pace.

  So 20.09.20 21:15 (Original, UT: Englisch)
FFF: Breaking Surface
N/S, 2020 | Dauer: 82min | FSK: 18 | Regie: Joachim Hedén Darsteller: Moa Gammel, Madeleine Martin, Trine Wiggen

A winter diving trip becomes a deadly threat for two sisters when one of them gets caught at the bottom of the sea after a rockslide. A nerve-wracking race against time and dwindling oxygen reserves begins.

  Sa 19.09.20 13:45 (Original, UT: Deutsch)
FFF: Daniel Isn't Real
USA, 2019 | Dauer: 100min | FSK: 18 | Regie: Adam Egypt Mortimer Darsteller: Miles Robbins, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Sasha Lane

In distress, college freshman Luke turns back to his imaginary childhood friend Daniel. Who soon proves to be unpredictable and malicious. With Arnie‘s son Patrick Schwarzenegger in the title role.

  Sa 19.09.20 15:30 (Englisch)
FFF: Dinner in America
USA, 2020 | Dauer: 106min | FSK: 18 | Regie: Adam Carter Rehmeier Darsteller: Kyle Gallner, Emily Skeggs, Griffin Gluck

An anonymous punk rock star with a penchant for excessive violence by chance meets his biggest fan, a shy outsider with handicaps and hidden talents. Together, they make white trash suburban America unsafe, always fleeing the cops and looking for the next meal. Cynical, exaggerated, chaotic: this year‘s centerpiece stands for vibrant art house cinema with great WTF moments.

  Sa 19.09.20 17:45 (Englisch)
FFF: Fanny Lye Deliver'd
GB/D, 2019 | Dauer: 112min | FSK: 18 | Regie: Thomas Clay Darsteller: Maxine Peake, Charles Dance, Freddie Fox

Inspired by Michael Reeves and Sergio Leone, Thomas Clay‘s feminist horror film, shot entirely on 35mm, offers magnificent images and an overwhelming soundtrack. FANNY LYE DELIVER‘D has what it takes to become a cult film!

  Sa 19.09.20 20:15 (Original, UT: Deutsch)
FFF: Fried Barry
RSA, 2020 | Dauer: 99min | FSK: 18 | Regie: Ryan Kruger Darsteller: Gary Green, Sean Cameron Michael, Graham Clarke

Barry has sizzled away his brain with mind-numbing substances. This makes him the perfect host for aliens on a research trip through the nightly Cape Town. Or is all this just imaginary crap?

  Sa 19.09.20 22:45 (Original, UT: Englisch)
FFF: Get the Hell Out
TW, 2020 | Dauer: 95min | FSK: 18 | Regie: I-Fan Wang Darsteller: Ya-Yen Lai, Hao Chen He, Yatauyungana Paicx

As if Taiwan's parliament weren't already a battle ground for clashing parties - now a zombie virus breaks out among the politicians. The most successful undead comedy in a long time! Selected for Midnight Madness at Toronto Film Festival 2020.

  So 20.09.20 14:45 (Original, UT: Englisch)
FFF: Mandibles
F/B, 2020 | Dauer: 77min | FSK: 18 | Regie: Quentin Dupieux Darsteller: Grégoire Ludig, David Marsais, Adèle Exarchopoulos

The discovery of a one-meter tall fly makes two morons dream of the big fortune. Quentin Dupieux's new film, of course.

  So 20.09.20 17:00 (Original, UT: Englisch)
FFF: The Personal History of David Copperfield
USA, 2019 | Dauer: 106min | FSK: 18 | Regie: Armando Iannucci Darsteller: Dev Patel, Aneurin Barnard, Hugh Laurie, Tilda Swinton, Ben Whishaw

A bunch of playful stars brings the Dickens classic to new life – and who would have thought that so many crazy and bizarre ideas fit into just two hours of cinema?

  So 20.09.20 12:30 (Englisch)
FFF: The Reckoning
GB, 2020 | Dauer: 111min | FSK: 18 | Regie: Neil Marshall Darsteller: Joe Anderson, Sean Pertwee, Ian Whyte

A young widow accused of being a witch defends herself against the clergy and patriarchy. A gory revenge thriller in historical guise by Neil Marshall (THE DESCENT).

  So 20.09.20 18:45 (Englisch)