Der CINEMA Movie Club zeigt auf der großen Bildwand jeden Monat für alle Filmfans endlich wieder die klassischen Blockbuster (natürlich) im englischen Original. Viel Spass!

Leon - The Professional (Director's Cut) (Léon - Der Profi (Director's Cut))
F, 1994 | Dauer: 127min | FSK: 16 | Regie: Luc Besson Darsteller: Jean Reno, Natalie Portman, Gary Oldman

Exceptionally well-crafted and oddly affecting, this top-notch, go-for-broke thriller from French auteur and visual mastermind Luc Besson ("The Fifth Element", "La Femme Nikita") centers on the professional assassin Léon (Reno) whose work one day becomes dangerously personal. When his next-door neighbors are murdered, Léon becomes the unwilling guardian of the family's sole survivor, 12-year-old Mathilda (Portman). But Mathilda doesn't just want protection; she wants revenge. Training her in the deadly tricks of his trade, Léon helps her track the psychotic agent who murdered her family. From the electrifying opening to the grand finale, Besson's incomparable masterpiece is a nonstop crescendo of action and suspense. Brutal, beautiful, and controversial, the film isn't just Besson at his best - it's cinema at its finest. 25 years after its original release, the film now makes an astounding leap to 4K Ultra-HD with mesmerizing images and a dynamite audio track.

  Mo 30.09.19 19:00 (Englisch) Cinema Movie Club