Murder on the Orient Express (in Dolby ATMOS) (Murder on the Orient Express)
USA, 2017 | Dauer: 115min | Regie: Kenneth Branagh Darsteller: Johnny Depp, Kenneth Branagh, Penelope Cruz, Michelle Pfeiffer, Judi Dench

Best-selling author Agatha Christie's most famous detective novel, published in 1934, is considered one of the most ingenious stories ever devised. It tells the tale of thirteen strangers stranded on a long-distance train, where everyone's a suspect in a murder case that has occurred on the train. One man, Belgian detective Hercule Poirot (Branagh), must race against time to solve the puzzle before the murderer strikes again. What starts out as a lavish train ride through Europe quickly unfolds into one of the most stylish, suspenseful and thrilling mysteries ever told. Five-time Academy Award nominee Kenneth Branagh both directs and leads an all-star cast in this latest version of Agatha Christie's beloved detective drama.

  Mi 08.11.17 19:30 (Englisch) Special Preview