Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (in Dolby ATMOS) (Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Salazars Rache)
USA, 2017 | Dauer: 129min | FSK: 12 | Regie: E. Sandberg, J. Rönning Darsteller: Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Orlando Bloom, Javier Bardem

Johnny Depp again unleashes his theatrical bravado as the iconic, swashbuckling anti-hero Jack Sparrow in the all-new sequel to the entertaining pirate franchise. The rip-roaring adventure this time finds down-on-his-luck Captain Jack feeling the winds of ill-fortune blowing strongly his way when deadly ghost sailors, led by the terrifying Captain Salazar (Bardem; »No Country for Old Men«), escape from the Devil's Triangle bent on killing every pirate at sea - notably Jack. Jack's only hope of survival lies in the legendary Trident of Poseidon, and at the helm of his pitifully small and shabby ship and with the help of both old and new friends, Captain Jack seeks not only to reverse his recent spate of ill fortune, but to save his very life from the most formidable and malicious foe he has ever faced.

  So 28.05.17 16:15 (Englisch) 2D
  So 28.05.17 19:15 (Englisch) 3D
  So 28.05.17 22:15 (Englisch) 3D
  Mo 29.05.17 15:50 (Englisch) 2D
  Mo 29.05.17 18:45 (Englisch) 3D
  Di 30.05.17 19:30 (Englisch) 3D
  Di 30.05.17 22:30 (Englisch) 2D
  Mi 31.05.17 17:00 (Englisch) 3D