The Founder
USA, 2016 | Dauer: 115min | Regie: John Lee Hancock Darsteller: Michael Keaton, Nick Offerman, Linda Cardelli

This fascinating drama puts Michael Keaton's (»Birdman«, »Spotlight«) magnetic performance at the center of a smart, satisfying biopic that traces the rise of one of America's most influential businessmen - and the birth of one of its most far-reaching industries. Directed by John Lee Hancock (»Saving Mr. Banks«), this fascinating film features the true story of how Ray Kroc (Keaton), a struggling salesman from Illinois, met Mac and Dick McDonald, who were running a burger operation in 1950s Southern California. Kroc was impressed by the brothers' speedy system of making the food and saw franchise potential. Within soon, Kroc maneuvered himself into a position to be able to pull the company from the brothers and create a billion-dollar fast food empire.

  Di 25.04.17 22:00 (Englisch)
  Mi 26.04.17 16:30 (Englisch)