John Wick 2
USA, 2016 | Dauer: 122min | FSK: 18 | Regie: Chad Stahelski Darsteller: Keanu Reeves, Ian McShane, Common, Laurence Fishburne

Following the tremendously successful 2014 hit comes this highly anticipated, blisteringly fun sequel about legendary hitman John Wick (Reeves; »The Matrix«, »47 Ronin«). Stylish and thrilling, this next explosive chapter has Wick again forced back out of retirement, this time by a former associate plotting to seize control of a shadowy international assassins' guild. Bound by a blood oath to help him, John travels to Rome where he squares off against some of the world's deadliest killers. Lean, mean, and extremely violent, this sharp, bullet-driven bulldozer of a movie is all about the action, a beautifully choreographed ballet of bullets, knives and deadly punches.