T2: Trainspotting
GB, 2017 | Dauer: 117min | FSK: 16 | Regie: Danny Boyle Darsteller: Ewan McGregor, Robert Carlyle, Ewen Bremner

Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle's (»Trainspotting«, »Slumdog Millionaire«, »28 Days Later«) clever and well-written followup to the cult 1996 hit reunites its original cast for a new adventure 21 years on. Nowadays, Renton (McGregor) is living comfortably in Amsterdam, a thoroughly modern European well-adjusted male with a nice secure job. But a personal and almost menopausal crisis brings him back to an Edinburgh he hardly recognises, where he must confront the demons of his past, in particular the three guys he ripped off after a drug deal at the end of the last film. Adding an intoxicating, emotionally resonant postscript to its classic predecessor, Boyle's much-anticipated sequel gets the tone exactly right, capturing the spirit of the original and making the collective nostalgia an integral part.