Hell or High Water
USA, 2016 | Dauer: 102min | FSK: 12 | Regie: David Mackenzie Darsteller: Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine, Ben Foster

In this solidly crafted contemporary Western heist thriller, Texas brothers Toby (Pine), and Tanner (Foster) come together after years divided to rob branches of the bank threatening to foreclose on their family land. Justice seems to be theirs, until they find themselves on the radar of Texas Ranger Marcus (Bridges) looking for one last grand pursuit on the eve of his retirement. As the brothers plot a final bank heist to complete their scheme, a showdown looms at the crossroads where the values of the Old and New West murderously collide. Filled with dramatic tension, complex characters, and rich, memorable dialogue, this hybrid of crime drama and neo-western features polished turns from a smoldering Chris Pine, a spunky Ben Foster, and a colossal and magnetic Jeff Bridges.